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    About Safety Matches

    Nizam Group of Companies, where one of our services is known as “Safety Matches Manufacturers & Suppliers in India“, we are a professionally managed organization with a great reputation with worldwide customers. Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest-quality goods at the most competitive prices on the market.

    We have years of experienced and well-trained workers, with quality and variety of safety matchsticks. We also provide kitchen safety matches and pocket safety matches according to the customer’s needs and specifications. Because of our dedication to providing committed services and high-quality products, we have achieved prominent images in both overseas marketplaces and with frequent customers.

    As a High-Quality Match Box Manufacturer and Exporter in India, Tamil Nadu. We’re matchbox producers who guarantee first-strike lighting. Consequently, this results in less waste and is easier to utilize. When we expand our company into new markets throughout the world, we do so under the constant direction of a clear vision and ethical guidance.

    Our company manufactures safe matches, and sticks of different “shapes and sizes” that are best suited for both the “domestic and international” markets. According to the customers’ flexibility of choice, we are manufacturers and exporters of safety matches at the highest level of quality. We also maintain their regular availability in the market. Matchboxes are one of India’s most important exports, and we are recognized as one of the country’s leading Matchbox export brands. Our manufacturing matches are made with the best standards of good raw materials.

    Our Safety Matchsticks Exporters and Manufacturers Company in India is a well-known emerging company in the safety match box industry. Our match products are highly reputable, trustworthy, and widely distributed all over the world.

    We are one of the top Match Box manufacturers and exporters in India, and we export all varieties of matchboxes manufactured to the specifications of our customers. We are regarded as one of the most popular match box exporters in the Indian market. We are able to keep up with the standards of the international market by ensuring that the raw materials we use are of the highest quality and suitable for any kind of climate. We are a leading supplier of a wide variety of High-Quality Export Match Boxes, including Kitchen Matches, Pocket Box Matches, Cigar Matches, Wax Stick Matches, Barbecue Matches, and so on.

    As a leading Safety Matches Manufacturer & Supplier in India, we manage to produce both good quality and quantity. We have the ability to understand the needs of customers and fulfill them as desired. As manufacturers and exporters of safety matches, we maintain the essence of our work and deliver the most creative and reliable solutions that are very enduring as well as inspiring.

    Our organization’s first objective is to expand into new markets by offering products of the highest possible quality, and our key benefit is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction in accordance with the requirements of those new markets. We utilize high-quality packing to protect items during shipping and delivery.


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